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Oirase Keiryu Hotel

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The seats of the Activities is limited ,
a reservation in advance is strongly recommended.

Keiryu Shuttle

Free shuttle bus for strolls along the Oirase mountain stream.

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Oirase Keiryu

Clear stream and deep forest provide a beauty scenery painted with the various colors of each season

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Keiryu Morning Café

A Café open at Oirase mountain stream on the morning.

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Moss Trail

Go for a walk on the Moss Trail

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Night Tour

Illumination of Frozen Waterfalls

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Bus Tour: Oirase stream guided tour

Explore Oirase Stream’s winter nature with a tour guide

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Mt. Hakkoda Bus

A shuttle bus goes to Mt. Hakkoda Ropeway for skiing/sightseeing.

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We operate a free shuttle bus to enable guests to go for strolls along the mountain stream whenever they wish.
Operating once per hour, to and from the "Kumoi no taki" waterfall.
You are free to get on and off as you wish, making it very convenient for walking along the mountain stream.

This shuttle bus is not operated in the winter time.

We recommend a free bus tour "Bus Tour: Oirase stream guided tour" for hotel guests who wish to go to Oirase Stream in the winter time.

The Three Turbulent Currents

Walking from Mt. Yakeyama, it is the first thing that appears to you. The point where the three rivers meet.
Here you can see an abundance of water flow beautifully and dynamically together.
You can also find lovely flower atop moss-covered rocks here in the spring.

The Asura Current

This current is Keiryu’s most turbulent, and is said to be its most beautiful.
This is a perfect place to capture a photo of the beautiful contrast between the white splashes of the clear stream that runs between moss-covered rocks and the green surroundings.

Sky Waterfall

Among the many soothing waterfalls of Oirase, this beautiful waterfall stands out with its imposing powerfulness. The waterfall is 25m in height. The water bends over two tiers, and sound of it falling is like a roar.

The Waterfall of Two White Hairs

This waterfall shows off a splendid icicle in the winter.

As you can view another three waterfalls here, the Undying Waterfall, the White Thread Waterfall, and the White Silk Waterfall, for a total of four, this area is called “One View, Four Waterfalls.”

Nine-Tier Waterfall

This waterfall is located deep within the forest, somewhat separated from the main current. The flow of water is not particularly heavy, but the complex erosion of the waterbed makes for a beautiful scene as the water flows slowly downward.

The Sisters’ Waterfall

This pure waterfall is named for the fact that it is divided into two by a large rock.
The serene waterfall exudes a sort of feminine atmosphere.

Choshi Otaki Waterfall

This waterfall, 20m in width and 7m in height, is the only waterfall on the main current. It boasts the greatest beauty in all of Oirase. It is also known as the “fish stopping waterfall” as it stops fish trying to enter Lake Towada by swimming up the Oirase Keiryu stream. This majestic and splendid waterfall, beautiful of course against a backdrop of fresh spring greens, also creates a beautiful contrast against the red and yellow leaves of autumn.

Lake Towada

This mountain top lake is the northern-most lake on Honshu. The lake straddles Towada City of Aomori Prefecture and the town of Kosaka-machi, Kazuno-gun in Akita Prefecture. It is located within the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, and boats the 12th largest surface area of all lakes and marshes in Japan.
Lake Towada is a double caldera lake formed through activity of an enormous volcano. The volcano is designated as active to this day. The “Sculpture of a Maiden”, created by Kotaro Takamura, can be found by the lakeside, and the Towada Shrine is located on the Nakayama peninsula, which protrudes out into the lake.

With a surface area of 59.7 km squared and a perimeter of 46km, the lake stretches 8.5km north to south and 8km east to west, forming an almost perfect square shape. The depth of the lake is 327m, the third deepest in Japan.

Enjoy the clear view of Oirase Mountain Stream with a cup of hot coffee in the early morning. Putting yourself into the fresh and cool air, surrounding by the whisper of the stream,
spend a dissimilar morning to the normal days.

Period 18th Apr. 2020~6th Nov,2020
time 4:50Hotel departs→5:50Hotel arrives
※Duing 1st September to 6th November the departure will be at 5:50.
Place Hotel~Oirasae mountain stream.
Fee Free(Hotel guest only)
Capacity 50 Persons
Application Please make a application at the activity counter after check in.
Notes ※Please waiting at activity counter,2F west building 10 min to the departure.
※Will be stopped by the bad weather.
※During the April the course maybe changed depends on the snow condition.
※The course maybe changed if it rainning.

Go for a walk on the “Moss Trail, where you can discover the mystical miniature world of moss.
The moss here is undeniably one of the sources behind the ever-charming scenery of Oirase. Walking along with a magnifying glass in one hand, a beautiful world that will provide a new essence to your sense of nature awaits you.

Illumination show of icicles and frozen waterfalls of Oirase Gorge.
The free shuttle bus departs every night from Oirase Keiryu Hotel and will have stops; Makadoiwa Rock where you can see the massive ice wall,
and Samidare no Nagare Stream where represents beauty of winter of Oirase.
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Bus Tour: Oirase stream guided tour

Explore Oirase Stream’s winter nature with a tour guide. The bus takes a few stops from Oirase Stream to Kumoi Waterfull. Spectacular icicles and frozen waterfalls are the highlights of the trip.
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Mt. Hakkoda Bus

Mt. Hakkoda is known for its heavy snow.
It is popular for tourists who love skiing/snowboarding in rich snow,
and bathing in traditional hot spring "Sukayu."

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