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Refreshing Breakfast on the Mountain Stream Terrace




In July with fresh greenery。
Why don`t you enjoy breakfast while watching the fresh Keiryu stream in the morning?
The genial sunlight shining through the leaves and trees, and there is an elegant space where the babbling of the river sounds gently.
We will be preparing the tasty meals which are the sandwich with oven smoked salmon, the sandwich with prosciutto croissant, and more.
Please spend a pleasant morning while watching the clear air of the forest, the comfortable wind that blows through the green shade, and the morning Keiryu stream that sparkles on the surface of the water.

Period:May 1st, 2020 (Fri) ~ October 31st, 2020 (Sun)
Hours:①07:00~ ②08:30~ ③10:00~
Place:Keiryu-terrace at the 1st floor in the west building
Capacity:Up to 20 people each time
Price:4,050 yen per person
Note:The venue made be relocated inside depending on the weather.

※It can be changed with adding 1,300 yen, in case of changing from the buffet restaurant,.