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Large Fire Place「Mori no Shinwa」

The symbol of a male god

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The symbol of a female god

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For your souvenir.

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In the elegant yet turbulent Keiryu current, pebbles tumble down with the water. Birds cast out their gazes among the giant trees, flying swiftly and twittering about as they sing their songs. On the ground, even the mushrooms smile radiantly, and at the top, the king of birds, wearing his crown, dances elegantly in harmony with the humans and the spirits of the forest.
Imagining this scene, Taro Okamoto created the legend of the forest. It is made of bronze and is 8.5 meters tall, weighing 5 tons. It was finished in April of 1991.

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The water separates as it meanders and then is rejoined, flows calmly and then harshly. This three-dimensional sculpture is known for its 7 nymphs, which represent the splashes created when the water hits a rock and look like spirits, and the fireplace made of zig-zagging lines that look like Keiryu’s current.
While the Legend of the Forest is meant to represent a male god, the River God, made of aluminum alloy and standing 10 meters tall, weighing 7 tons, is meant to be a female god.
This work, left behind by Taro Okamoto, was completed in April of 1996.

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Oirase Keiryu Hotel is participating in the "Arts Cube Project", an ecomuseum project that aims to spread the work of Towada Art Centers' exhibition room "Cube" all around surrounding areas.
At the "Art Cube Oirase" located inside the hotel, you can enjoy various works of modern art depending on the season.

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We carry a variety of items, from memorable souvenir gifts to outdoor goods for use on a trek through Oirase. We recommend our hotel original body soaps and Aloe Shio (aloe and sea salt) products, as well as the raw silk products meant to look like moss, our hotel original jams, and the Maruyama coffee used in our spring water coffee.